Kid & Budget Friendly At-Home Activities

The kids are going back to school and summer is on its way
out; but don’t despair!  Here are a few great
ideas to enjoy the most out of the remaining days of summer.

Camp out in your backyard

Pitch a tent, grab the camp chairs and roll
out those sleeping bags. It’s time to go camping — in your backyard!

Study the local flora and fauna, practice
wilderness skills, roast marshmallows over a fire pit, tell scary
stories and spot constellations in the night sky.

Get your chef on

Let your little chefs put their skills to the test with a “Top
Chef” competition. Introduce a mystery ingredient, work in teams and see what
you can come up with.

If competition isn’t your style, simply head to the farmer’s
market or grocery store and pick out a unique ingredient and see what your
family can come up with to put in a dish.

Have a sweet tooth? Throw a bake-off and create your favorite
cookies, cupcakes or cake. Share the snacks with friends and neighbors too.

Family carnival

Create your very own town fair, and bring your friends and
family members in on the fun. Serve up classic carnival food like corn dogs,
french fries, funnel cake and cotton candy.

Set up DIY games like ring toss, cake walk, corn hole, balloon
darts, a fishing hole and more.

Finish off the night with an outdoor movie by stringing up a
sheet and using a projector.

Build a fort

Wrangle all the cardboard boxes, blankets, chairs and pillows
you can find and build the ultimate playhouse or fort.

Construct tunnels with boxes (bonus if you can snag a large
refrigerator box), create rooms with blankets and chairs, and arm your fortress
by building a pillow moat. Play castle or just snuggle up in your cozy den and
watch a movie — don’t forget the popcorn.

Keep the fun going into the night: Add twinkle lights and have a
sleepover in your new castle.

Cool down by making your own backyard into a mini water park.

out the sprinkler and burn off some energy by splashing around. Fill the kiddie
pool and hop in with your little ones, or wage a water balloon or squirt-gun
fight for an afternoon that’s guaranteed to cool you off and make you feel like
a kid again.

Live in an apartment or don’t have the water gear? Head to your
local splash pad or community pool. To save money, look for free or discount promotions
at the pool or water park.

Whether you have a lot of free time or a little, a chunk of
change to spend or a limited budget, there are plenty of fun staycation ideas
to make the rest of your summer special.