• Val Videgain, Realtor

    I was born and raised in California. Lucky for me, natural beauty and outdoor adventure have never been far from home. Mountain biking and rock climbing have been favorite pastimes for over 20 years, but it was my discovery of river guiding that changed my life. It took me throughout the Sierras, down the Grand Canyon, and defined most of my waking moments every summer for years. It was a beautiful thing. And then one day a friend asked, "So, what do you do in the winter?" … READ MORE »

  • Melissa Long, Broker Associate

    Born and raised in the Bay Area, Melissa graduated from San Jose State University with a Communications/Marketing degree. While in college she was honored by being selected as the Most Outstanding Collegiate Member in Alpha Phi Sorority. Upon graduation she traveled extensively around the world and worked in the banking and hospitality industries, before settling at a boutique firm in downtown San Jose specializing in integrated financial, estate and tax planning services. During her tenure Melissa held several roles in the company and after receiving her real estate broker license in 2000, she became the V.P of Real Estate and Mortgage Services. In her 13 years with the company she and her team of advisers worked with thousands of clients helping them achieve their personal and financial goals … READ MORE »

  • Rebecca Ellis, Transaction Coordinator

    Rebecca moved to Truckee three years ago from San Diego, California. She's learned to drive in the snow, enjoy snowboarding with her son even though she's terrible at it, has made wonderful friendships in Tahoe and fallen in love with the lifestyle that Tahoe offers. Rebecca has a sweet personality and keeps co-workers and clients entertained with her fun sense of humor. A former short sale expert, she learned the world of escrow inside and out. … READ MORE »

  • Tina Reynoso - Marketing Coordinator

    Born and raised in Sonoma, California, Tina always had a passion for the outdoors. After attending school in Santa Rosa, she married her husband Fabian and raised her four children Sofia, Bella, Sebastian and Max in Cloverdale California. After running a successful Satellite fulfillment company for ten years she relocated to the mountains desiring a relaxed way of life with focus on what's important coupled with family and friends. Upon arrival, she knew she had found her forever home. The natural beauty of the Sierra's was enough on it’s own to make her stay, but the people really sealed the deal. … READ MORE »